A panel is a gathering of presentations focussing on a specific topic, which can be either inside a traditional section / discipline or transdisciplinary. It is organized by one or more convenors, in collaboration with the Congress secretary ( and should comprise no less than four papers.


Title: Aspects_of_Early_Islamic_Egypt. Panel Convenors: Jennifer Cromwell ( and Arietta Papaconstantinou (

Title: Bawit. A Monastic Community, Its Structure and Its Texts. Panel Convenor: Gesa Schenke (Leiden/Oxford:

Title: Coptic Religious and Political Life in Contemporary Egypt: Recent Scholarly Developments. Panel Convenor: Febe Armanios (

Title: Late Antique Thebes. Panel Convenors: Malcolm Choat ( and Jennifer Cromwell (

Title: Writing and Communication in Egyptian Monasticism. Panel Convenors: Malcolm Choat (, Mariachiara Giorda (

Title: The Reconstruction and Edition of Coptic Biblical Manuscripts. Panel Convenor: Frank Feder (

Title: Monastic Material Cultures: Image, Site, Text. Panel Convenors: Elisabeth Bolman ( and Stephen J. Davis (

Title: Archaeological Approaches to Museum Collections. Panel Convenors: C. Fluck (SMBK-SMB) and E. R. O.Connell (BM)